Tech Heroes

Tech Heroes is a multiethnic project that aims to engage youth in solving community problems/challenges through technological creations. ICT sector can be used as a common denominator to bring communities together, especially youth, by creating opportunities for them to work together. .
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What is Tech Heroes?

Tech Heroes, the tech competition that brings communities together. In the pursuit to improve the communication of all communities in Kosovo, IOM together with jCodres Academy have implemented ‘Tech Heroes’ a technology competition that brings all 6 communities together.

Tech heroes 1:
  • 110 participants divided into 13 teams
  • 10 teams were qualified after the design thinking
  • 9 teams made it to the final event
  • 20% underrepresented group participation
Tech heroes 2:
  • 160 participants divided into 22 teams
  • 15 teams were qualified after the design thinking
  • 11 teams made it to the final event
  • 47% underrepresented group participation
Tech heroes 3:
  • 177 participants divided into 22 teams
  • 14 teams were qualified after the design thinking
  • 14 teams made it to the final event
  • 45.2% underrepresented group participation

Tech Heroes was held twice during 2019, the first edition took place January till March and the second started in September and is still going on.

Project phases

Who can apply?

Do you have an innovative idea that you can support with technology and you can help our community by implementing it?

Tech Heroes is open to all young people aged 15 to 24 who are interested in learning new technologies and developing their ideas.

What are the benefits of being a part of Tech Heroes?

  • Technology training
  • Coding projects that are implemented in the real world
  • Enriching CVs with real projects
  • Expert cooperation in the field of technology
  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Socializing and contributing to society
All you need to become part
of tech heroes is:
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Open mind to different ideas
  • A wish to work with a team

TeamWork makes the dream Work

Get to knows our teams

Last edition winners

1st place

How can you create a platform for different students with a number of same interests to meet in relevant clubs with each other to have communication , meet new people and receive material from our data. Another problem may be how young people through our platform find better solutions within a shorter time about the problem that you had in the following areas.

2nd place

Our website's main purpose is bringing people from the so called "diversity" along, therefore each and everyone is ought to share their talent in the most artistic kind of ways, varying from art, music and most importantly culture. We think it's necessary to mention the relevance of union between communities that live in Kosovo. Regardless the nation, having each other's back is going to be our strongest mental point of being analytic as we all live in the same country.

3rd place

Do you want to know all the information on coronavirus for your region? Did you want to know what measures to take to stay safe? Well, we all do. Whether it was for your own or for someone else’s safety during this time of hardship .You wanted to know about the numbers of Covid-19 cases or how to avoid getting the virus, but no website was reliable enough. For this reason, we don’t get the information we need and get frustrated in the end.

Participants 270


Underrepresented communities 40 %

“Nothing ever becomes real ’til it is experienced.”

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